St George’s Church Hall (St George’s Sunday School & Parish Institute)

St George’s Church Hall was built in 1902 by CM Orland Scott/Henry Martin the Builder of Northampton, being built for St George’s Church and the Parish which it served. It appears on official maps of the time as St George’s Sunday School & Parish Institute. It has a stone plaque high in the wall to this very day, stating “For God and His Church” (see photo’s below), as it was used to serve both St George’s Church and the Parish (Community) in which it stood. It is deliberately situated on the cross roads of Creed Street, Church Street, and St Georges Way.

Madcap / Creed Street Arts Centre

In 1987, as finance dictated, St George’s Church Hall was sold by the Bishop of Buckingham to Madcap, which latterly changed name to Creed Street Arts Centre. Over the years since 1987 it served Arts & Dance and the General Community.

King’s Community Centre (King’s Church Hall & Community Centre)

In 2014, once again as finance dictated the property was going to auction for commercial sale, but having been registered as a Community Asset, was purchased by King’s Church and became King’s Church Hall & Community Centre, now being called King’s (Church) Community Centre for short.

King’s Church have worked in and served the Wolverton Community since 1984, hiring Wolverton schools for services, children’s and youth clubs and the like. King’s Church also purchased Wesley’s Old Methodist Church next door to King’s Community Centre in2012, and after decades of dereliction, it is undergoing renovation works, also being a Victorian Grade II Listed building (1892). The two properties side by side work well together being used for their original and intended designs.

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